Fort Wayne Housing Authority


The Fort Wayne Housing Authority provides affordable housing programs to almost 4,000 families in Fort Wayne, Indiana, through the Housing Choice Voucher and other rental housing programs.

In 1937, the Indiana General Assembly adopted enabling legislation giving local government authority to participate in federal low-rent housing programs. Subsequently, on the 8th day of February 1938, the Common Council of the City of Fort Wayne, Indiana, passed a resolution creating the Housing Authority of the City of Fort Wayne, Indiana.

The first Board of Commissioners appointed to serve were William B.F. Hall (Chairperson), David Lewis, Ernest C. Gallmeier, Edward W. Meyers and Albert H. Schaaf.

The first organizational meeting of the Commissioners of the FWHA was held at Fort Wayne City Hall on the 24th of February 1938. In the same year, WPA workers constructed the first FWHA prefabricated three-room house which rented for $2.50 a week. On opening day, 3,000 persons lined up to visit this model home. Forty-four more such houses were constructed later that year on vacant city lots that were purchased by the Authority for $1.00.


Document Name Description File
Financial Audit 2015 independent auditor's report, financial statements and supplemental information Download
Annual PHA Plan Annual PHA Plans provide a ready source for interested parties to locate basic PHA policies, rules, and requirements concerning the PHA‘s operations, programs, and services, and informs HUD, families served by the PHA, and members of the public of the PHA‘s mission, goals and objectives for serving the needs of low-income, very low-income, and extremely low-income families. Download

Departments & Staff


Front: Beverly Armour-Thomas, George Guy, Carolyn Nichter

Middle: Jessica Matuska, Lorez Davis, Amy Jacobowitz

Last: John Foster, Dan Kuleff, Keith Morrison




Front: Gay Braster, LaShawnda Arrington

Back: Carolyn Nichter

Housing Choice Voucher Program

Front: Ashley Harris, Nichelle Hines, Charmine Dunbar, Lorez Davis, Flora Johnson, Christi Sullivan, Nicole Winbush

Middle: Curtis Perry, Elizabeth Kayser, Cicely McCowan, Janelle Young, Amy Alber, Alice Lawson, Bruce Lake, Paula Garretson

Back: Zorya Elkins, Tracey Starks, Rose Niedermeyer, Tina Bellinger, Brittany Campbell

Affordable Housing

Front: Patricia McKinney, Leah Huber, Mary Bonner-Thomas, Laura Moore, Ruby Bates

Middle: Mike Huesner, Jenna Rosswurm, Diane Craig, Larissa Williams, Saundra Jones, Tiana Hunt, Amy

Jacobowitz, Allen Brock

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Social Services

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Back: George Fields, Diveeta Kinchen, John Foster