About the YouthBuild Academy

The Fort Wayne Housing Authority YouthBuild is a free program that provides leadership, education, and occupational skill development for local youth ages 16 -24 who have not completed/graduated high school. The program lasts six months with one year of follow-up and case management.


Supported by the Department of Labor, YouthBuild members can earn money while getting valuable training and have the opportunity to obtain their high school diploma and certification in construction and healthcare to prepare them for postsecondary opportunities.

Benefits of the Academy

  • Weekly Stipend and Bonus – Get PAID weekly to obtain your NCCER and HSE by attending daily
  • Paid Worksite Experience – PAID training/professional experience
  • Career Path Guidance – Individual case management
  • Affordable Housing – Affordable housing opportunities
  • Transportation – Limited transportation to the Academy is provided


  • Between the ages of 16- 24 on the date of enrollment
  • Left high school prior to graduation
  • A resident of Allen County
  • Is a member of a low-income family AND/OR
  • A youth in foster care (including youth aging out of foster care) AND/OR
  • A youth involved in the justice system AND/OR
  • A youth with a disability AND/OR
  • The child of an incarcerated parent AND/OR
  • A migrant youth

How To Apply

Fill out the application below, or you can download and fill out the application, and turn in via email to [email protected]  or to our office 7315 Hanna Street, Fort Wayne, IN 46816. For more information or help with the application, please email us at [email protected] or call 260-409-5050.

YouthBuild Member Application

YouthBuild Application


Residency Requirement

At least 80% of members must live in one of the following zip codes at time of enrollment: 46805, 46815, 46803, 46774, 46806, 46807, 46816, 46745, 46819.

Membership Requirements

Members must meet the following criteria at time of enrollment:

  • Is between the ages of 16 and 24 on the date of enrollment; and
  • Is a member of a low-income family (including youth experiencing housing instability), and/or a youth in foster care (including youth aging out of foster care), and/or a youth involved in the justice system and/or a youth who is an individual with a disability, and/or a child of an incarcerated parent, and/or a migrant youth; and
  • Left high school prior to graduation, or an individual who left high school prior to graduation and has subsequently reenrolled

Priority is given to Veterans and Spouses of Veterans.





Highest grade level completed:
Substance use:
Do you live alone?
Do you live with parents/guardians?
Do you have any dependents?
Do you live with children? (siblings, nieces, nephews, etc.)
Do you live with your own child/children?
Do you or any member of your household receive public assistance?
Are you a foster child or aging out of foster care?


By submitting this form, I acknowledge I have read and understand each application item thus far and certify that the information is true and accurate to the best of my knowledge. I further realize that falsified information may result in the rejection of this application and subsequent termination from services.