Fresh Start Enrichment (FSEP) Program


FWHA has a new goal-based incentive program for stepped-rent households. The Fresh Start Enrichment Program (FSEP) is available to Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) and Public Housing (PH) program participants who are a part of the stepped-rent demonstration.


Eligible households can earn cash for certain achievements, such as:

  • $400 for obtaining your High School Equivalency
  • $1,000 for obtaining a bachelor’s degree
  • $100 for obtaining employment
  • $500 for improving your credit score by 50 points

Goal-Based Incentive Payouts

Please review goal-based incentive payouts based on goals completed. You are required to complete at least 3 personal goals with the final goal of suitable employment.

Category Pay Point Eligibility Amount Maximum Amount
Education & Training Completion of training/Certification program (skilled trade, real estate license, cosmetology license, etc.) One-time disbursement at time of completion $500 $500
Completion of HSE One-time disbursement at time of completion $400 $400
Completion of Associates Degree One-time disbursement at time of completion $500 $500
Completion of Bachelor’s degree One-time disbursement at time of completion $1,000 $1,000
Completion of Master’s degree or Doctorate Degree One-time disbursement at time of completion $1,500 $1,500
Employment Obtain new employment One-time disbursement after maintaining employment for 90 days $100 $100
Employment retention for 12 consecutive months Annually $200 $1,200
Removed from food stamps, or childcare assistance due to increased earnings from wages or started paying into healthcare benefits or Medicaid One-time disbursement after six consecutive months $300 $300
Engagement Completion of annual FSEP progress meeting Annually after FSEP progress meeting is


$100 $600
Financial Stability Attend 12 FWHA Financial Literacy Program Meetings 12x; disbursed upon completion of all 12 meetings $100 $1,200
Open and maintain a new checking or savings account (12 consecutive months: no negative ending balance more than twice per year) One time $500 $500
Improve credit score (by 50 points or more) Annually $500 $3,000
Increase and maintain personal savings by either a) making a $25 per month deposit or; b) showing a $300 increase to savings over a 6 month period (verifiable over a 12 month period) One-time disbursement in second year of FSEP program $1,000 $1,000
Increase earned income Annually $100 $600
Housing & Homeownership Engage in homeownership preparation activities, such as pre- homeownership counseling, homebuying education and finance classes. 2x; disbursement in second year of FSEP program $250 $500
Purchase a home One time; upon purchase of home, but prior to FSEP graduation $5,000 $5,000
Personal Completion of three (3) personal goals established at admission & progress meeting. 3x; disbursed once at completion of all three goals $100 $300
Graduation Gained suitable employment or achieved a degree or certificate and free of TANF assistance; purchased a home; or received a minimum of five (5) bonus incentives listed above (may include up to 3 personal goal achievements) One-time $1,000 $1,000
Maximum Earnings $18,200


Document Name Description File
FSEP Goal-Based Incentive Payouts Printable PDF chart of the goal-based incentive payouts Download
FSEP Application Printable PDF application Download

FSEP Application

FSEP Application

Head of Household Information

Are you employed?
Are you a graduate of the traditional Family Self- Sufficiency (FSS) program?
Are you enrolled into the Homeownership Program?
Do you want to purchase a home?
Do you want to repair your credit?


What is your highest level of education?


Please list 3-5 goals you wish to complete on the Fresh Start Enrichment Program

Disclaimer and Signature


For more information please contact Larissa Williams, Programs Manager at [email protected] or call 260-267-9300 ext. 7230