FWHA HCVP Waiting List to Open

October 4, 2021

FORT WAYNE – The Fort Wayne Housing Authority (FWHA) will be opening its Housing Choice Voucher
Program Waiting List from Monday, October 18, 2021 at 8:00am ET through Friday, October 22, 2021 at
12:00pm ET.
Once the waiting list is closed the Fort Wayne Housing Authority will do a random lottery to determine
who will be put on the waiting list. Everyone who applies will receive notice of their status on the list by
December 31, 2021.
Applications will be accepted online. The online application portal is accessible through our website’s
home page at www.fwha.org.
Applicants must have a valid email address to apply online. If you have clients who need assistance in
applying online, FWHA would appreciate you assisting them with this very easy process so that they
may have the opportunity to participate in this program.
If anyone in the family is a person with disabilities that require a specific accommodation in order to fully
utilize our programs and services, please contact the Fort Wayne Housing Authority.
HCVP applicants are reminded that once they apply, they must report all changes in their address or
preferences to the Fort Wayne Housing Authority IN WRITING within 10 business days of the change. No
changes will be accepted over the phone. No mail is forwarded by the U.S. Post Office from the housing
authority. If no address change is made with the Housing Authority and FWHA receives returned mail,
the application will be removed from the waiting list.
Please contact 260.267.9300 with any questions.


Public Notice – FWHA WL 2021



Q: How are names put on the waiting list?
A: The Fort Wayne Housing Authority will be using the lottery system to place names on the waiting list. This means that no matter how many people apply, we will randomly select 2500 people to actually be placed on the waiting list. Those who are not randomly selected via the lottery, will not be placed on the waiting list and will need to reapply when the waiting list reopens. Please note that the lottery system only applies to the Fort Wayne Housing Authority Voucher waiting list.

Q: When will I be notified of my place on the waiting list?
A: You will be notified via the US Postal service at the address on your application within 90 days of application to inform you of your waiting list status. You will be notified that you are either on the current waiting list or that your name was not selected for the lottery.

Q: If I am the first person in line, will I get a voucher before everyone else?
A: Vouchers are not given out on a first come, first served basis. We have chosen the lottery option to give everyone an opportunity to apply in a longer period of time. If you are selected for placement on the waiting list through the lottery system you are then placed on the waiting list based on your preferences, then date and time of application.

Q: What are preferences?
A: Once you are placed on the waiting list we use preferences to determine who should be selected from the waiting list first. Each preference has been assigned a number of points and the more points that you have the higher you are placed on the waiting list. When you are selected from the waiting list based on the preference that you chose, you will be asked to verify that the preference is valid at the time that you are selected from the list. If for some reason you are not able to verify that preference you will be placed back on the waiting list.

Q: How long before I get a voucher?
A: Due to a number of factors, we cannot give a time for when vouchers will be issued.

Q: Should I call the office to see when vouchers will be given out or where I am on the waiting list?
A: No. Due to the high volume of applicants, calls will only delay the process. You will receive a letter at your address on record when we have reached your name for determining eligibility.

Q: Do I need to report changes in my address or preferences:
A: Yes. Make sure to notify FWHA in writing within 10 days of your change so we can update your file with the correct information in order to determine your place on the waiting list and so we can contact you for eligibility when the time comes.