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RFQ 2.13.17:  Lawn Care Services (Closes 03/14/2017 @ 5:00pm)Click Here

Questions and Responses:


Question 1: Clarify if the mulch areas are being cleaned only or cleaned and re-mulched?

Response 1: Quote the RFQ regarding the mulch beds. Quote it based on the following: Removal of all debris. The mulch beds should be weed free which would require some form of weed control.


Question 2: Regarding the Bid Sheet it only has a breakdown for weekly mowing. Should it also include edging, fertilizing, and trimming of shrub and trees?

Response 2: The Bid Sheet is just for the mowing of the properties on a weekly basis. Please provide a individual detailed quote for the other services outlined in the RFQ.


Question 3: Regarding the Spring and Fall Clean-up service is picking up, removing and disposing of trash, leaves, branches, and other debris from the grass areas and mulch and stone beds throughout the developments? Or is this service also including cutting back ornamental grasses and perennials .........and can we pick it up and leave it in a pile on site or pick it up and dispose of it in your dumpster?

Response 3: This only should include the trach pick up. Typically, trash will be picked up when the property is being mowed (Trash picker). The sticks and leaves would be done once in the spring and once in late fall.


Question 4: Regarding mechanical edging is to only be done along the concrete sidewalks and concrete curbs adjacent to the turf areas? Or is the mechanical edge to be done on all of the soft edges( planting beds) as well as the hard edges(concrete sidewalks and curbs)

Response 4:
The question is pertaining to mechanical or string edging? The property is to be edged with a string trimmer along the sidewalks and curbs. The soft edges and planting beds should be mowed if the mower can fit into these areas.


Question 5: The mulch and stone beds are the areas that are to be weeded weekly by hand (mechanically) and by weed killer (chemically)? Or is the weekly weed control for the entire property. *There will be a material safety data sheet with any herbicides, fertilizers, and or pesticides that are to be used.

Response 5: Regarding the weeding of the properties a broadleaf herbicide should be used throughout the properties (Weed B Gone). In areas that require removal of all vegetation (Round Up) can be used.


Question 6: The service is for a slow release granular fertilizer only? Or is this a service that includes both the application of the fertilizer and the application of a post emergent broad leaf weed control.

Response 6: The application should contain both fertilizer and the application of a post emergent broad leaf weed control.


Question 7: Pruning of the shrubs (not to exceed 6 ft. in height) on property and disposal of ensuing materials.

Response 7: This service should not be included in the quote. This will be considered on a as needed basis.


Question 8. When it asks for Est. # of hours at the top is that for the mowing per week or...... all the services for the season or........ for all the services for the entire term of the contract?

Answer 8. The estimated hours is for mowing the lawn. You can use this sheet to document all of the other services and provide a total page totaling all of the services. So you can provide a sheet for Lawn Mowing, Spring & Fall Clean Up, Weed Control & Fertilization.